Waste Water Treatment for Ink, Dye, and Paint Waste Streams


Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater streams containing ink and dye do not treat well by traditional coagulation and flocculation and generally will not treat at all using a biological process. However, these wastewater streams can be treated using a blend of sodium bentonite clay mixed with a coagulant and a flocculent. The bentonite clay entraps and removes the dye, ink, and paint. Jar testing of paint, dye and ink waste streams makes a great demonstration of the ability to remove these compounds. The floc takes on the exact same color as the dye, ink or paint and settles to the bottom leaving clear water on top.

What we offer

We offer several different blends of bentonite clay mixed with dry coagulants and flocculants, made especially for the removal of ink, dyes, and paint. We can test your wastewater and make a recommendation for the best blend. We also offer process equipment especially for this application in both continuous and batch operations.