Waste Water Treatability Testing with Clay Based Flocculants

A printing company in the Dallas area had a wastewater problem. The city of Dallas does not allow dye or inks that discolor the waste water and issued a Notice of Violation stating that the waste water must be pre-treated before discharge to the sewer or to stop the discharge. The company stopped the discharge and began to have waste water hauled off site for disposal. At the same time an internet search for treating options was conducted. Wilson Environmental was contacted and we offered to do a free treatability test.

Our treatability test is simply a yes or no for the potential to treat the waste water using clay based flocculants. This type of treatability testing does not include laboratory analysis. It is only intended to determine feasibility of treatment before spending money on further testing and analysis.

We visited the company and collected a sample of the waste water and tried various blends of clay, polymer and coagulants to see if the sample could be clarified.

clay-flocculants-treatability-testing-1       clay-flocculants-treatability-testing-2

As you see form the pictures the water treated well with only a residual tint. The clay based flocculants removed the bulk of the inks and dyes and with some additional treatment our customer was able to resume discharging to the city sewer.

Our customer was paying $0.61/gallon for pick up and disposal of the waste water. Final cost using the clay based flocculants is approximately $0.05/gallon.