Using Organo Clay in Disposable Filter Drums

Disposable Organo Clay Filter DrumsOrgano Clay is a Good Temporary Solution

If you need a temporary way to treat your waste waters for a few days or a week during routine cleaning or maintenance and continue to meet your pre-treatment discharge requirements, you might want to consider using a disposable Filter Drum containing organo clay.

Disposable Organo Clay Filter Drums

Disposable organo clay filter drums are typically 55 gallon drums filled with organo clay or blend of organo clay and filter coal or sand. Organo clay has a strong affinity for hydrocarbons such as oil and grease and is capable of absorbing from 20 % to 30% of its weight in oil and grease. Here is what that means: if you have a 55 gallon filter drum with a blend of 30% organo clay and 70 % anthracite filter coal you have approximately 180 pounds of organo clay. At 20% absorption, 180 pounds of clay will remove 36 pounds of hydrocarbons.

For example, at 500 mg/l oil and grease, one drum will treat 18,000 gallons. Or at 250 mg/l oil and grease, one drum will treat 36,000 gallons.