Disposal Charges vs. Treatment on Site

Are You Throwing Good Money at Bad Water?

If you are having your wastewater hauled off, you probably are. Typical wastewater disposal fees are anywhere from $0.30 to $0.70 per gallon here in Texas. For example, the average cost in Houston, Texas to have a waste hauler come to your facility, pick up and haul off the wastewater for disposal is around $0.61/gallon.

Why Do Industries Have Their Wastewater Hauled Off

Typically, industries having their waste hauled off are doing so because their wastewater stream is not accepted by the local sewage treatment plant. A common reason is a high oil and grease concentrations or the presence of heavy metals or other toxic compounds that are either prohibited or above the discharge concentration limits set by the local sewer regulations. In many cases, the wastewater can be treated for pennies a gallon and discharged under a local sewer use permit. Wilson Environmental offers treatability testing to determine the feasibility and potential cost of treating your wastewater. Every industry is different, so please give us a call and speak to a licensed Professional Engineer, PE, specializing in industrial wastewater treatment to find out if we can help.