Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Packaged wastewater treatment plant offers the user a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated method treatment system for domestic (sanitary) wastewater treatment. Our packaged treatment plants are designed around the aerobic treatment process. Aerobic treatment of domestic wastewater has been around for years and is a proven way of quickly and economically treating domestic waste water. The discharge of treated sewage requires a local government permit. Our standard designs meet or exceed most municipalities design and effluent permit requirements. The final effluent from our packaged treatment plants can generally be released safely by irrigation or into the environment such as receiving streams or rivers under a local permit. The treated effluent is non-potable water, however it can be used in a variety of water conservation methods, such as agricultural irrigation, industrial uses, and other water reclamation uses..

All our domestic wastewater treatment systems are modular systems. This means that if demand grows, separate treatment modules can be economically added to handle the increased flow.


  • New subdivisions that lack access to a public treatment facility
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Remote mining, logging, and construction sites
  • Recreational areas such as parks, campgrounds, marinas
  • Military bases
  • Schools and other educational campuses
  • Biological waste water treatment for industrial wastewater flows


  • Pre-engineered, modular pre-fabricated structures
  • Lower cost than conventional concrete construction
  • Easily transported to the point of use
  • Pre-engineered, pre-design, prefabricated, means low cost and quick turnaround time for delivery and installation
  • Wastewater Treatment System is simple to operate and requires low manpower
  • Time proven, aerobic system design
  • User friendly – low and easy maintenance
  • Regulatory compliant with most cities and states. Wilson engineer’s will assist you with determining regulatory requirement’s for your area.


Pre-engineered modular components allow for the package wastewater treatment plant to be sized specifically for your needs. The modular approach also allows for easy modifications when the influent flow rates or BOD loadings change with your changing needs. And Wilson is there to assist you in understanding and meeting local city and state discharge requirements.

Typical Installation