Biological Treatment Feasibility

Assessing Aerobic Biological Treatment for Industrial Applications

To determine the feasibility of your waste water being treated using aerobic (with oxygen)
biological treatment is a two-phase process. Phase I is to perform wastewater
characterization and an aerobic treat-ability assessment screening study. Phase I is a low-
cost assessment that will answer the question, will aerobic biological treatment work on this
waste water stream. Based on the estimated volume and type of waste water a decision can
also be made whether or not to consider anaerobic (no oxygen) treatment. If Phase I results
are favorable a Phase II study should follow. Phase II for aerobic treatment is a bench-scale
Return Activated Sludge (RAS) treat-ability simulation study of your process wastewater for
treatment performance evaluation. Phase II results will provide the required data for
engineering design, capital cost and operational cost.