Above Ground Oil Water Separators


above ground oil water separators
Wilson Environmental offers high quality stainless steel oil water separators designed to meet most City and County pretreatment regulations. A common use of an oil water separator is treating wash waters from vehicle and equipment washing. These oil water separators will meet most Cities sewer discharge limitations and can assist in meeting your discharge permit limits.

Wilson offers above ground oil water separators ranging in size from 15 gallons per minute to 150 gallons per minute. Larger units can be built to order.

How Does An Oil Water Separator Work?

A standard oil water separator works by gravity separation. The oil water separator provides a wide area where the rate of wastewater flow is reduced significantly to allow the oil droplets a chance to rise to the surface instead of being carried along by the wastewater. The flow rate through an oil water separator is a function of the total volume of the separator. Most oil water separators are designed to hold the water for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the industry standard for holding time. For example; if you want to treat a wastewater stream flowing at 7 gallons per minute, holding the water for the standard 10 minutes, the oil water separator tank should be a minimum of 70 gallons. The math looks like this; 10 minutes holding time X 7 gallons/minute = 70 gallons.

Oil Water Separation Overview

Get a quick and easy overview of how oil water separators work — click here.

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Pricing and Specifications
Above Ground Oil Water Separators
MODEL # WOS-15-0M10 WOS-30-0M10 WOS-100-0M10 WOS-150-0M10
Flow Range 0–15 GPM 0–30 GPM 0–100 GPM 0–150 GPM
Coalescing Media 672 sq. ft. 1,152 sq. ft. 3,456 sq. ft. 6,480 sq. ft.
Ozone Generation 24 grams/day 24 grams/day Optional Optional
Tank Holding Capacity 170 gallons 340 gallons 1,434 gallons 2,244 gallons
Sump Pump 0.5 HP, 120V 0.75 HP, 120V 1.0 HP, 230V 1.5 HP, 230V
Power Requirements 120V, 15 amp 120V, 15 amp 120V, 30 amp 120V, 30 amp
Dimensions (L x W x H) 91″ x 31″ x 40″ 97″ x 50″ x 44″ 12′ x 6′ x 4′ 12′ x 7′ x 5′
Price (shipping not included) Call Call Call Call


Priced in aluminum; Stainless steel optional. Call for current discounts. Additional discounts available when purchased with a Design Package, or when ordering more than one item.

Typical Installation