About Us

Wilson Environmental was formed by Mr. Bill Wilson in 1993.  The company started out as an environmental remediation company cleaning up oil and chemicals spills impacting soil and groundwater, primarily with oil field service companies.  In 1996, Mr. Jay Swindle, P.E. joined Wilson Environmental as a partner and added engineering design services.  These included design/build for wash bays and containment structures to the services already offered.   Mr. Swindle purchased the company in 2001.

Wastewater Equipment

We offer a full line of industrial washing equipment and waste water treatment equipment. From oil water separators, wastewater evaporators, fiberglass sump pits and liners, to complete wash bay design.  We offer engineering design/build and full turn key wastewater systems designed to meet your local discharge permit.

Water Reuse and Conservation

Wilson Environmental works with our customers to conserve water usage, reduce sewer fees, recycle process water and wash waters.

Groundwater Remediation

Wilson Environmental provides groundwater services including monitoring, modeling, and remediation strategies designed to get your contaminated groundwater site closed and save you money. Water treatment is our business and we can design, construct and operate water treatment facilities for groundwater cleanup, groundwater restoration, and wastewater minimization.

Removing Heavy Metals from Wastewater

Wastewater Engineering

Today, Wilson Environmental is full service engineering company certified by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers to practice engineering.  Wilson Environmental specializes in the engineering design and installation of waste water treatment equipment for industrial wastewater, impacted groundwater, storm water runoff, vehicle wash waters, domestic sewage wastewaters and the design of wash bay systems for vehicles, heavy equipment and aircraft.